Metal Processing Company in Sierpc is a part of market since 1977. The main area of their activity is producing two side studs, studbolts, bolts, nuts for petrochemical, oil, chemical, energetic industry to pressure device installation and everywhere that commissioning of UDT, TUV or other notification unit is obligatory. We are also providing service in metal machining mainly turning, CNC turning, milling, grinding rollers and holes, grinding threads, producing rolls to rolling machines.





Company has highly qualified staff with many years of experience in area of machining. To equal with different requirements of our customers, we are continuously make our machinery park wider and more modern.



We offer wide range of high quality products with appropriate technical parameters. Our products were appreciated by many key recipients in all countries and thanks to that we signed a lot of permanent contracts. Very often our products are installed in machines which are shipped to other countries mainly in EU. Metal Processing Company is still widening range of produced studs, nuts and other metal elements produced on customer request. Apart from those mentioned areas of specialty, we realize also special orders of our customers for needs of motorization, agriculture, machinery and other markets. We are open to cooperation with new companies. We are sure that we can fulfill your requirements and will be possible to continue permanent cooperation.


In the years 2005 - 2010 Metal Processing Company in Sierpc benefited from EU grants within the framework of the program Innovative Economy and the Innovative Technology.



We kindly inform you that on 02.01.2018 company Zakład Obróbki Metali Adam Włoczewski was handed over to the new entity Zakład Obróbki Metali Włoczewski Spółka Jawna.



We are working according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2015

Our production is according to directive PED 2014/68/UE